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During the summer months on the East Coast, products may melt in transit as they sit in warm delivery trucks, warehouses, and hot mailboxes.  To ensure your products (especially the butters) arrive uncompromised, we ship with ice packs, and require a signature to receive your package (the butters can not be left unattended exposed to heat and humidity).  There will be a slight increase in our shipping rates in the summer to cover the added protection.  The butters will re-solidify after refrigeration, however, the consistency/texture of the product will change and the volume is decreased.  If a whipped product melts, the air bubbles are collapsed, resulting in decreased volume; The container may actually look half full even though the container was originally filled to the top. 


Formulating natural skin care products is a delicate process.  Humidity levels, air temperature, and other external factors can drastically affect the consistency of products.  Our natural products are formulated without synthetic (chemical-based) additives to stabilize and thicken, as used in many products on the market.  Although we can not guarantee our products will maintain the same consistency through all temperature variations, we can guarantee you clean, chemical-free skincare!