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When Angie introduced her natural whipped body butters to the Earth, I immediately ordered the full garden variety of her products. After all, you can only fight nature with its own ingredients and my sensitive skin let’s me know that when I stray. Angie Watt’s high-grade offerings Lemongrass+Vanilla (my superstar favorite), Coconut of Negril and Thai Lychee are my besties.   I began treating my dry patches daily with Angie Watts’ 100% Natural Shea Butter (the best I’ve ever smelled) and NAM Eczema & Dry Skin. In the next few weeks my elbows were noticeably softer and my skin imperfections improved. It’s as if Angie Watts found a way to put Mother Nature in a jar!

TL Dixon

New York City

 I didn't take photos and I wish I had. My 6 year old has dry skin, eczema in spots and has scars from molluscum on his legs. I'm religious about keeping him "greased" up. Most won't know he's got the issues he's had because of how diligent I am with keeping him moisturizer. Recently he had ringworm (Kindetgarten yuck!), which also left dry spots. The NAM cream is awesome - I've been obsessed with it. I notice scars are fading.   I have been using the Nam on my face. I don't have dry skin, but I have hyper pigmentation on my chin. I was using bio oil, but I switched to the Nam in the last couple of weeks. I feel like there's less inflammation and I don't think the spots are "fading" perse' buried feel like the tone is eveningI will be ordering it regularly and ordering it for my niece.



My husband is a bartender at a hotel here in Raleigh and you had left samples probably a year ago but the little jars did not have contact information listed. I was so happy to have finally found you!!! These creams are seriously the best I have ever used!!!! I have skin allergies and can hardly use anything on my skin. I am also really particular about using chemicals and the ingredients are excellent and the whipped consistency is better than any natural product I have tried. They are rich and luxurious and make my skin look amazing. The smell of each one is beautiful- but the Nam is my favorite. Thank you for this wonderful product.


North Carolina

I love the Satsuma Body Butter, I actually use it on my hair.  I was not able to find anything else that gets rid of the "poofiness," this product is a game changer for me, not to mention, it smells soooooo good!


West Virginia

I absolutely love this product line, my favorite is Thai Lychee and Nam, they make my skin so soft and silky.  I think some of my wrinkles are even fading due to daily use!


North Carolina

I am incredibly proud of you and your product line. The body butters are Awesome!!! I've included the Lemongrass Vanilla to my daily routine. The butters leave my skin feeling soft and smooth to the touch AND most importantly - moisturized.



I am so in love with your Nam Eczema Cream.  My dry patches are gone and dark spots on my skin have also faded.  Before your cream, there was nothing on the market that worked for me besides sterioids and I'd rather use something natural.  Thank you for saving my skin!


North Carolina

I am obsessed with the sample kit I received. They are all so amazing. I will definitely be reordering a couple full size products soon! ❤❤❤


North Carolina

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