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How to Use Our Best Seller, Oshun's Skin Food

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Angie Watts Oshun's Skin Food Turmeric + Adzuki Bean Face Srcub Angie Watts FACE. Oshun's Skin Food Facial Scrub
Angie Watts FACE. All Natural Hydrating Facial Serum Angie Watts FACE Hydrating Facial Serum, clear bottle with dropper
Angie Watts NAM Eczema & Extra Dry Skin serum and body butter Angie Watts NAM eczema relief body butter rand serum set
Angie Watts x Smitty's Conditioning Lightweight Beard Oil Angie Watts x Smitty's Conditioning Lightweight Beard Oil

In the Chat Room What we're talking about...

A New Glass Home

Our Oshun's Facial Scrub and Detoxifying Clay Mask will now be stored in recyclable glass. All of of FACE. Collection is stored in glass packaging, and now, the entire collection!

Sustainability is an integral part of Angie Watts.  We remain committed to offering products that benefit not only the consumer, but also the planet.  With our planet in mind, are products are completely box-free and the majority of our product line is stored in glass, which is highly recyclable.  Our entire collection will be stored in glass or tin in 2021!

New Look, Same Great Products

Smitty's Beard Essentials has new labels and a new logo specifically for the beard collection. New look, the same great, vegan beard nourishment!

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Subscription Auto-Replenishment:  Payment for products you use and order regularly are automatically charged on the payment method of your choice, and delivered on your schedule every month/2 months/ or 3 months. Modify or cancel your subscription anytime.  SAVE 5%.

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We Made their List of... Black Owned Beauty Brands to Support. #THANKFUL!

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